I will be working with our Seller to short sale their Quicken Loan mortgage.  They are elderly and the husband is very ill.   Any advice on where to start.   Will I have to use Equator or can I deal directly with Quicken?   Thank you!

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Hello, Quicken does not use equator. They process short sales the traditional way. Do you know who the investor or insurer on the note is?

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I don't have a copy of the Note but the original Mortgage shows Quicken Loans and then assigned to MERS.  Not sure if that helps!  Thank you as always for your help!

Every short sale I've done with Quicken has been an FHA loan, so I assume they carry a lot of that. Just call and ask who the investor is. They don't use Equator, but I've always found them to be very quick and efficient.



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