Pretium Partners as INvestor Nationstar Mortgage is the servicer HIGH Counter over appraised value

I am hoping to reach out to fellow Superstars to find out if any of you have dealt with Pretium Partners as the investor on a mortgage Nationstar is servicing?

I have a home in need of repairs, we are at the end of the road, the file gets submitted to the investor and they counter the buyer's offers $167,550.00 over the offer they submitted.  I am told the investor Pretium Partners must NET a certain amount.  Nationstar has done 3 BPO's 2 exterior, 1 interior.  The previous buyer's had a full appraisal done by their lender Greenlight Loans which is a division of Nationstar.

This house is in need of a lot of repairs, roof damage, termite, water intrusion into the downstairs, I could go on.  I have sent everything into Nationstar and I have begun emailing Donald Mullen the CEO of Pretium.  So Nationstar pulled my file as they said the investor wanted it pulled.  I have no way for a buyer to pay so much above the list price to NET the investor what they want!!!

Has anyone in this group had success?  I have already filed a complaint with the CFPB, the CA Attorney General, OCC, and Federal Reserve Board.

Any suggestions???????

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