IndyMac approved our Short sale pending a BK court approval.  Ocwen took servicing 2 weeks before we received the court document.  It's been 18 months with Ocwen, "servicing" the loan, 18 months and not even an interior valuation, stated in their own PSA to be done within 10 days!!!!  Michael Rapp, does anyone at Ocwen have the phone number for IndyMac????  And, who will reimburse the homeowner for IndyMac's request for a filed BK court approval, and the mandatory, notarized document stating the property is VACANT?  Does Ocwen look into any the complaints, written as Qualifying Written Requests?  Is Ocwen above US law?

Michael Rapp, you wrote your "team" could help this homeowner who has/had an approved short sale with the note owner, IndyMac!!!  The FIRST interior valuation was ordered after my last rant on SSS.  It was cancelled today, one hour before the appointment time?  How is that helping? 

CA is right to ban Ocwen from servicing mortgages in the state!  The US should get smart and pull their docs with the SEC!

Does anyone have a contact for one of the class action suits against Ocwen? 

The PSA has guidelines which OCWEN obviously doesn't know about or with all the law suits are too busy to read and implement.


Ban OCWEN from servicing mortgage loans here, SEC should ban them from the U.S.

Can anyone explain this one?

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