Ocwen has closed my Short Sale and I NEED ESCALTION CONTACT INFO PLZ

Ocwen has closed my Short Sale and I NEED ESCALTION CONTACT INFO PLZ ...

DOES ANYONE have any VP or President's Office contact info??

We have been through 4 Buyers and over 6 months to FINALLY get an Approval Letter only to lose that Buyer due to inspection issues and our Back Up Buyer has stepped in ...

THE NET IS THE SAME - CLOSE BY 02APR15 as the NO NAMED / NO OFFER AMOUNT Approval Letter states ... NOW they are telling us that the SS is denied and that they are FORECLOSING 07April15

Ocwen has STOLEN the $10K HAFA Relo Money and NOW they did a new BPO and have a $50K higher BPO and have CLOSED OUR FILE ????

Can anyone help???

Thanks ..... I am feeling almost DEFEATED and definitely EXHAUSTED!!!

Keep Up The Good Fight!!!!

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That's rough. I've had that happen a few times. Having a value expire while approved and the buyer falling out. Then a new value being completed and it comes back much higher. Is the new offer cash? They likely will not revert back to their old value. I'd be looking for the minimum NET based off their new value and potentially sending in supporting documents for a value dispute. There should still be time to potentially get the sale date postponed and the transaction closed.

[email protected]



contact [email protected]  He should be able to sort this out for you.



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