I listed a property as SS with Ocwen as first and Chase as second. How is OCWEN in thier timeline now? My seller moved out during the loan modifiaction process and was approved for trial, it started last November. Meanwhile she moved to her daughter who just had baby and tried to rent the house. However, she could not find the right renter and did not pay January. She is moved back in the house but now listed it with me for Short Sale. 

How fast is the process with OCWEN? Is it better to get a negotiator? I did quite a bit of short sale since 2009 and I know some procedures got better? If HAFA, the seller can still ask for moving expense? Escrow can still take 6 months or more meaning she can stay at the house for another 6 months without making payments? 

Chase last year when she did the modification sent her a discounted pay off. She did not go for it. But looks like CHASE dropped the lien? 

Still waiting for the Title for a new Prelim to check on current liens. I assume this is the accurate source to check how much total liens this house really has to submit to OCWEN. 

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Ocwen is personally one of my favorite mortgage servicers to work with as we have some great escalation contacts that avoid us from having to call in. If the file is reviewed for the HAFA program, the seller may be eligible for a relocation incentive. Check the title report for all liens and if if the 2nd was charged off or transferred, just follow the trail.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out to me as my door is always open.

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