In working with OCWEN loan servicing and found out that the short sale I'm working on was not considered for HAFA.  I had submitted all paperwork including HAMP paperwork and when I asked about HAFA today, they told me it was not considered.  I was under the impression that all short sales had to be reviewed for HAFA eligability.  Is that not the case?

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Thanks Brian-

It is a Freddie Mac loan and was submitted with an offer.  It was with BOA first without an offer and transferred to Ocwen weeks after we began working with BOA.  By the time we were working with OCWEN, we had an offer and submitted to them with an offer.

Brian... what does this mean from a procedural perspective?  If I have a Freddie Mac loan and I want to be sure it gets considered for HAFA, what is the process?

Thanks in advance....  Tom

Submit entire package without an offer, before property is placed on MLS. Brian's right, if you submit the package with a contract, it's dead for HAFA forever.

Freddie HAFA is as we know it is going away by 11-1-12.  See if they will consider a Standard Short Sale with Relocation Funds.  This may require Ocwen to seek approval from Freddie Mac.



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