We just got an approval from Ocwen!!!! The series of events were as follows. The house had been on the market for 2 years. The investor is Wells Fargo.

We submitted the offer in November.  The first part of January, after Ocwen made several mistakes including our having to make several resubmissions, we were told that the file had been denied and that everyone  would have to go through Altisource and agree to Auction and reduced fees. We were told that the Buyer could bid through HubZu etc.

I called them and explained that neither, the Seller,the Buyer nor I would be doing this. I explained that Ocwen had this file long enough and that the Seller, Buyer and I would be contacting the Attorney General's office regarding all the events and for "contract interference" with me concerning commission  and my listing agreement. I then contacted the Attorney General's office,who directed me to Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection, the Seller, Buyer and I filed written complaints and  the agency immediately got involved. Two days later I got an e-mail telling us that the file would be moving on and all they needed was a letter from the Seller declining HAFA and the HubZu offer.

Optimistic we continued to push on and the BPO was done. We were given a  counter at which the buyer countered back and we received a verbal Ok. We were told that we should have a written approval the following day. It did not come. For days and days we called them and called them.  We would be on hold for them for as long as 2 or 3 hours often times being disconnected at which point we would start over determined each time to get resolution. Each time we were promised that we were all set and that we should get an approval letter. Finally last week I stayed on the phone for  another 3 hour stretch.  I kept asking for a supervisor that was higher up than the supervisor i was talking to. They would deny me and tmailed and called all of them repeatedly.  Not having heard from any of  them I filed a written complaint with Federal Consumer Financial  Protection Bureau. I cut and pasted verbiage from a class action lawsuit where Ocwen and other lenders lost  "due to delays in approvals forcing homeowners into foreclosure". I cc'd the Bureau of Credit Protection and CC'd everyone at Ocwen. 

The next day we had a written Approval...Hope this helps someone!!! 

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Good to know ...thanks

Thank you.

I have just been told that we are required to list the property through the Altisource program. We had submitted a contract at the "pre approved " price, 3 months ago.

I don't think they should be interfering with a contract between the parties.

I will try the Ombudsman dept first, and then the Attorney General.

Hi Brian, This sounded hopeful, as I have also been told that my listing needed to be listed through Altisource- even though I have a perfectly good sales contract at the "pre approved" price.

I called the Ombudsman and was asked how I got their number, and  and was told that they "do not deal with short sales". Then I was very politely connected to the short sale department (hopefully the escalation dept), where I currently am enjoying (NOT) the familiar Ocwen hold music for the next hour.

But thank you for the moment of hope. It looks like I may have to try Demetria's method.

This helps a lot. Thank you!

Why did the seller have to decline HAFA?  Why couldn't they just decline HUBZU?

So that they could move it along through to short sale approval.

The Seller wanted to be done as the property was moving rapidly toward foreclosure. Trying to go

through HAFA would be just another layer.

But could the seller have done HAFA and not HUBZU?



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