Need help with Freddie Mac-URGENT

I have a home set for f/c on 9/13/11.  We initiated the ss in Equator on 8/26/11..shortly thereafter the negotiator took a leave of absence and is not returning till after the scheduled f/c date...another person or individuals were suppose to be monitoring the file..I have received -0- response on Equator..when calling into the main line I was able to get a rep to request a f/c postponement from the investor Freddie I am told it was declined due to insufficient amount of time to review the file...I advised that is the whole reason for the request to postpone the f/ grant you more time to review and process the file and offer...BOA informs me that Freddie Mac has very strict guidelines and there is nothing they can do other than try and escalate the review process but, even that won't help..they would have to be able to get an approval to Freddie Mac prior to f/c to get them to reconsider postponing the f/c...


I don't understand..Freddie Mac seems to be taking a harder stand on postponing f/c...and I am not going to lose this property..does anyone on here have away of getting around this and getting Freddie Mac to reconsider???

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  • Hi Christina,


    I actually got a property back from foreclosure by Freddie Mac (that another short sale agent lost) and successfully short sold it.  I have a contact there, but I don't want everyone in the world bugging him, so if  you send me your email address, I will give you his info.  He's a human being and I think he even cares, so maybe he can help you.

  • Try the contact numbers on this page:


    Hopefully they can help.

  • Tweet them.  @Bofa_help and tell them it's urgent and you need a call today about a foreclosure.  Explain the file was in on the 26th, however the negotiator is MIA.
    • I have already done that...BOA cannot help me....they are doing what Freddie Mac has advised and apparently Freddie Mac has VERY strick guidelines that they cannot bypass (according to BOA)
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