I have a Bank of America short sale that I actually got an approval on and about 10 days away from closing one of the sellers (they are divorced) filed bankruptcy. Bank of America said we can continue on with the Short Sale as long as we give them "A letter of Abandonment" along with the "Discharge paperwork" I have sent multiple emails to my asset manager and talked to the bankruptcy department and no one can give me an answer, or even respond! The bankruptcy is scheduled to discharge today! I need to know where and how do I get the letter of abandonment? I am desperate to save this transaction. Please any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you, Beth

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You may have to work with the sellers bankruptcy attorney to get the discharge. The company I am at works with outside counsel who often can provide documents such as discharge paper etc on deals our company is assisting with. [email protected]

Thanks Brett, what about the letter of abandoment? Do you know where or who I would get that from?




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