Does anyone know how to get to a person of authority in Chase that can start a short sale without the financial package?  I have a client that has had the property discharged in bankruptcy, but it has not gone through foreclosure yet.  I contacted him because I had a buyer interested, I checked with Chase (the servicer), and was told all I would need is the discharge.  After it was listed I had 5 offers in one day and the final offer was over $17,000 higher than asking price.  I submitted the discharge, listing agreement, offer, pre-qual letter and HUD.   I have gone through 3 levels of management and can't get anywhere they all tell me I need a complete package including all financial information.  I did find out the investor is VA.   I have been on hold to them for 20 minutes now.  Any advice?

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Whether there was a discharge or not, they'll still have to qualify for the short sale - the same old way as anyone else. If they want a full package - send a full package.

I've done a ton of post BK short sales and the requirements have never been any different than anyone else. There's no fast track....

Good luck!


yep.  I've agree with what others have posted.  We've always had a full package done even with bankruptcy.

Thanks to everyone.  I had hoped things had changed.  I called Chase and they told me all I would need was the discharge, obviously that is not the case. 

Thanks again!



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