Does anyone have any way around this?  I have never been told flat out, "NO, we will not open your Short Sale".  We have a complete package, ready to go.  

Any contacts or way around this would be highly appreciated!!!


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  • Does your seller qualify for HAFA? I have gotten foreclosures stopped with only a week to go. I bring in the seller and we get on the phone to the lender and ask for HAFA short shale package with an offer. I fax over the 3rd party before that. But with the seller there they can give verbal authorization on the phone so you can talk on behalf of the seller. It has taken me hours to get this done, several phone calls, then verifying that the sale was canceled. I am in California. 

  • A NationStar short sale negotiator told me they'd only postpone the sale date if we had an APPROVED short sale.

  • Here, it's fairly easy to go to and get the sale rescheduled, With a contract, evidence of package submitted, etc. I don't know about your area. But, even with 45 day extension you likely couldn't get approval and close within that time. If you could get an approval though, Maybe you could get Nationstar to delay it, but with the specter of them having to start over if it fell through, maybe not.
  • Thank you Ron, for your info!  The reason we are just now coming up with a 'full package' is that the Borrower has just now come to us.  I know, I know... it's their own fault for waiting for so long, but in my experience, I can usually get it done, even 20 days out, because I get the Negotiator exactly what they need, to the T ;) You are also correct, in Utah, we can postpone up to 45 days, after that the Foreclosure process needs to start back over, but how do I get them to Postpone without Lender Approval?  That's my issue.  How do I get Nationstar to look at it, and decide quickly, to postpone for time to review. 

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