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My Seller has a critically ill son.  She had to move out of her California home and relocate to the East Coast to take care of her son.  Viable offer on the table for the last 4 months. Buyer wants to move to close. MI came back and said Seller has sufficient funds and they denied the short sale.  Seller does have funds but that is for medical care and cost of living etc. We submitted a letter stating as such and still received the rejection.


Any other options with Nationstar and MI?  As usual they are a pain in the ass and slow to respond but trying to find an alternative. Suggested Seller contribution to close this short sale (not sure it will fly with SB458) but would like possible strategies.


Thanks in advance,



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Lydia, a few things....

You may have to go directly to the MI company because there is a really good chance that they know nothing of the hardship and they are looking directly at the sellers financials.  They may not have the entire story.

How much of a contribution are they asking for?  How much is the sales price and how much is the loss?

MI has not asked for a contribution yet although I suggested it to the negotiator so at least we have something to work with rather than a straight rejection.


I have a $260K cash offer. Loss is approx. $110K.


How can I find out who the MI company is, negotiator will not supply that info.  Also, what initial questions should I ask the MI company and who should I be speaking with (ie negotiator, asset manager?) and is it best to call and/or email?




You need to write a qualified written request  QWR, do a search here on this site.   If you can get to the MI company, you should be able to make your case.
Okay. Thanks.

BTW I checked and the investor is not Freddie. Does this make it more challenging?  


Also, once the Seller writes the QWR do I submit that letter directly to the negotiator that I have been working with?

MI and the investor are two different animals.   Submit the QWR to the lender AND to the negotiator.  A good negotiator will recognize it but it does not sound like you have a good one.
Thanks again Jeff. One last question. Submit to the lender as in general customer service or a particular dept.

CUstomer service should work, also fax it to the loss mitigation department

I sent the QWR to Nationstar...just got word that we were denied for the 2nd time! 

Any suggestions?



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