I have been a BAD AGENT. I am getting a call from Nationstar and Auction.com tomorrow for not wanting to cooperate with there short sale COLLUSION. This call is to take place around 11:00am PST. Anyone want to give me some darts to throw their way. I will be taping the call with their permission. If they do not allow me to tape it I will have my TC taking copious notes. I believe they will be giving me lots to blog about. Game on!

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Sounds about right

What about a FHA short sale? Has anyone had this type of short sale go to auction.com? I got a call today stating this what was going to happen to my short sale even though someone at FHA told me that they can't do that..who is right? Wrong? Can anyone share their story regarding a FHA short sale going to auction.com?

  I had one where they brought up Auction.com and I had the seller opt out. I sent them a letter stating we were under contract, the page in the contract that stated we were not taking back ups the file was pending, and my letter stating they would be opening me to possible RESPA violations. 

We close next week with out the auction issue.

Now I do have a new one where I told them Im taking a new short sale listing and was listing the property next week and wanted to go through Auction process. Im waiting for their response.

Paul was this a FHA short sale? What state are you located in? Can you share the details of your letter that how you explained the RESPA violation?



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