I have been a BAD AGENT. I am getting a call from Nationstar and Auction.com tomorrow for not wanting to cooperate with there short sale COLLUSION. This call is to take place around 11:00am PST. Anyone want to give me some darts to throw their way. I will be taping the call with their permission. If they do not allow me to tape it I will have my TC taking copious notes. I believe they will be giving me lots to blog about. Game on!

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What part of Cali are you located? I will be visiting Orange County this month, my daughter is moving and I might look for a retirement home out there. Any suggestions? something worth wile, fixer upper is good for me, I don't mind the work 

Elena,  I am in the Newport Beach / Irvine area but work all over Southern CA from San Diego to Long Beach and out to the Desert.....  My e-mail is [email protected] and phone is 888-391-5245.  Call if you want to get together.....


Thom Colby

Broker / Owner


OMG, that is where I will be, My daughter is an attorney and she is going to move to Mission Viejo, I'm staying at Fairmont, I will be there from 09/25 to 10/1, I love to get together if you have time. Sure, thank you 

Sounds Good - I'm a "stone's throw" from the Fairmont.  Give me a call and send me your contact info - we'll definately get together while you're here.



Hello Elena:

What part of Orange County will your daughter be moving to?  I work mostly out of my Mission Viejo office and Huntington Beach, but work all along the coast from Seal Beach to San Clemente.....Feel free to contact me at:

[email protected]

Cell: (949)698-2580


I have been fighting the same battle. I just filed a complaint through homepath

I have move these files forward,so even with perfectly good accepted offers on each one I will bend and work with Auction.com I will let you all know how this plays out as per Auction.com it will be a three week process.

Kathy,  To understand.  Nationstar is sending a Fannie Mae Loan to Auction.com?

   What I have done with the only one I have had in the past few months, Is when they told me Auction was involved I informed then I have a valid contract and if they don't process it I will cancel it and start over in a few months. They didn't, I did, and life goes on and the file closed two weeks ago. 

I honestly don't see how this could be legal....The property does not belong to Nationstar and can't dual list the property, and to foreclose on the noncompliant is blackmail at the very least. Nationstar may not be a bank, but the inception of the loan was with a bank, the "the borrower" entered the loan based on banking regulations,  etc, etc..


What I would love to see is a copy of each letter from Nationstar demanding the property to be listed on Auction.com be sent to their State Attorney's office,  congressman/woman and to the governor of their state.......with a cover showing who owns these companies. What happened to disclosure of business relationship - (owners of Nationstar /Auction.com)? Enough of these letters (past and present) be sent, something might be looked in to it.


How about a national campaign -  get permission form your sellers, pasts and present that experienced this, put a packet together with the letters, including those that sold at auction and foreclosed on and sent a copy to your State District Attorney, congressperson and your governor. Mail outs between Oct 1 and Oct 30th. Slam them with it....and coincide with media attention.

I don't like bullies.

I have been very fortunate, I guess, in that Nationstar has not tried to push Auction.com on me. I close quite a few with Nationstar, lately, knock on wood, and no Auction.com.

If Nationstar had a half a brain, though, they would work with Auction.com without the permission of the seller, and they would knock off the silly requirement of an open house and just do their own stupid marketing on their own stinkin' dime and if they get an offer, great for them. They can process their own damn short sale and then let us know when we're closing. That's the way to do it. Just go completely around us. I don't care. I just want the deal to close. But don't try to force us to operate against our grain. Just sayin' . . .

Auction.com failed to attrack a buyer via there required auction.
Now they have conceded to allow me to move forward with NationStar.

Had two buyers in place prior to Auction.com butting in. Both left the transaction due to Auction.com

Back to square one. A big waste of time. I was pitched that Auction.com would speed up the short sale process.
It has done the opposite. What a mess.  



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