Would anyone be interested in putting together a short sale mastermind group? I know everyone is in different states but we could come up with a central place to meet?

So many real estate masterminds, but what we do is so specialized I think there would be a lot of value in meeting with like minded individuals on how they are running their operation.

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There are a few groups like that on facebook for sure that I'm aware of. Also, I'm always open to speaking. I'm one of the owners of this site and am always happy to share my experience.


Hello Brett,

Can you provide me some of the FB groups you mentioned on your reply? Please advise

What's your email so we can connect? I can try to invite you to the groups.

invite me in too.  [email protected]

I'm in CT and interested in an online video conferencing mastermind group.  Let me know your thoughts. Paula

Join the Facebook Group, "Shortsale Masterminds", most people here are on that one, great place for quick responses, contacts, etc.!!!

I'm available as well if you need anything (I also know which banks pay 8% - 10% commission on their short sale listings)!!!

[email protected]

Hello Ben!

I just submitted my request to join your FB group. Also, I am interested to know which banks are paying 8-10% for their listings.


Hello, I am located in Los Angeles County and would like to join your group.

Maybe we can start with a zoom/ online meeting and then coordinate an in person? If you are in please email me at [email protected] and we can get a group email going with time/date. 

I have 2 people interested in joining...anyone else before we start planning a time/date to start masterminding?

[email protected] me

I might be interested, you can email me - [email protected]

You should definitely join that Facebook group, again, most of the people on Short Sale Superstars are there and questions/issues can get resolved fairly quickly (we share contacts, war stories, etc.).

let me know if I can help!



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