Confirmed today the 3rd party was received and provided name of negotiator who would call today or tomorrow.   Within minutes the negotiator called and said he needed the 3rd party and listing agreement.  (it was just confirmed by rep who provided me name of negotiator)  I informed negotiator the 3rd party was just confirmed and he said re-send it he does not have it.  What confusion like we have nothing better to do then to repeat whats already been confirmed as received?  I asked what borrower needs to gather to send in and he said we'd know at a later date.  So what is the process for M & T Short Sales as this is already disorganized and we have only just begun.  *I've done lot's of SS and like to respect each bank and their process but sending parts here and their seems ridiculous.  Please advise what you have experienced so I can plan accordingly.   Thanks

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I actually had a good experience working directly with the negotiator:)  They had to redo the approval letter 3 times since there were mistakes each time but that finally got all straightened out, the approval letter came from a different processor but she was okay to work with too...



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