I submitted a file to Kondaur Capital on a home in Califonria.  they were granted a Motion for Relief and will  not review the short sale.  I filed a complaint with the DOJ and nothing seems to be helping.  the trustee is Wilmington Saving Fund Society and they said they do not get involved in how the loan is serviced.  Any ideas???

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Unfortunately servicers are not forced to review short sales. Most will, but at times certain accounts and servicers won't review short sales at all. Not sure if this is a Kondaur policy currently or if it's simply a " there is not enough time since we have a motion for relief and we'd rather foreclose". What is the reason for denial? If the sale date got postponed would they open up a short sale review?

Kondaur is a servicing company, they buy pools of notes from banks.  If you have an offer your client can purchase the note from Kondaur and you can have a signed commission from the buyer to pay you.

I have dealt with Kondaur and they are very easy to deal with.

If you should have any questions, Please feel free to contact me.





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