Hi Everyone! What is your experience with Kondaur Capital? They state they reduce agent commissions by 1% or will  not approve a short sale. Thank you!

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We had one transaction with them this year, they are a smaller mortgage servicer. The representative assigned was taking mitigating the losses on the loan very seriously and personally. At the end of the day they wouldn't accept the offers presented and pushed the homeowner into a deed-in-lieu. Our experience with them is limited so It is likely people have good experiences as well.

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I have had a long term relationship with them and usually close several deals per year.   Your welcome to contact me I don't want to discuss commissions online. Ozzy 917-723-4519

I submitted a short sale with Kondaur and the borrower is in a bk.  They will not respond to the offer as they said they received a Motion for Relief.

Are you still doing short sales with them?

Thank you for your response.


Catherine Gheen



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