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 I am stuck on one of my files and I am wondering if anyone has any advice. We were working on a short sale which bank countered 155k. We agreed and gave them the requested net. As soon as I sent the HUD they sent an emailing saying sorry the file was denied due to the Investor. When I asked why they told me to call HUD who was the investor. HUD told me the same thing that they denied it and since they are HUD they do not have to give me a reason why. I already escalated this with CFPB and got a letter stating the same. Any advice? 

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Who the lender? Did you escalate to executive office?

What is the reason for the hardship?

Just look for anything you think might be reason they are denying.

If you email me - [email protected], I will send you our list of contacts.

They will DEFINITELY give you a reason as to why it was denied (though HUD can be a real pain in the a-- to deal with).

You just need to get to the right person, "play nice", and they will help!!!

How delinquent is the account? HUD will deny accounts 40 months past due.

[email protected]





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