I have personally bonused being part of the Advanced Traing Group! What is keeping you from joining?

Just having help closing a deal made it worth it taking the worry and pain out of the paperwork, especially HUD-1 issues.

Bryant and Wendy thanks for your personal input on a timely basis. It saved me a lot of trouble, worry and meeting of lender timelines.

I should have spent my money sooner and supported the site costs.

What is your short sales missing that having access to Bryant and Wendy and other members wouldn't help?

You may get the answers online for free, which is great, but for minimal costs you get so far 11 webinars and ongoing e-mail communications with other agents?


Teresa Simon

P.S. I am not being paid to place this question!





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Wow!! Great testimonial Teresa. I'm glad the group is helping with your business.

what advanced training group are you talking about?  I feel this group is extremely knowledgeable. 

Hi Sheila She is referring to the paid membership sectiOn of this site. Details are in the right sidebar

OH OK............silly me...........I'm in so no worries there.  Heh

Sometimes it's time to say thank you!




Thank you!


There is a standing joke to that.. no offense to you at Short Sales Super Stars...

...but I had a client that took the lockbox off the front of the door so people wouldn't see her stuff. Her dad would ask why we couldn't get the home sold. I explained that she took the lockbox off. He would say whoever told me that was going to have to apologize because his little princess ould never get the door knob off. He told me to "say thank you" for him checking on it.. and he never called me back but his little princess did and pretty upset but she put the door knob back on and we sold the place.

In the meanwhile, he was closing a short sale for her to move into. He jerked the financing out of the middle of the transaction and almost took the deal down. We closed that one.

As a on-going joke we say "Now just say thank you"... as we smile... and go about our business.

Seriously though, inspite of everyone messing withing the transaction you guys have been solid. So when I say it is time to say thank you... Here is ONE BIG THANK YOU! for a little bit of sanity in a transaction., and a place to research the banks to know what to anticipate before you even take the listing or make the offer on a short sale.

Thank you!

I agree.  I have received a lot from the site and I'm glad I finally joined the Advanced Training Group.  Well worth it.

Wendy & Bryant gave me the personal cell phone numbers of all lender CEOs. 

OK so maybe not that -- but they do answer questions and give great insight!



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