HUD 1 Generator Forms or Software

Does anyone know of a good HUD 1 generator for short sales?  I am working off an old HUD 1 form and need an updated one.  Free would be great but Im open for options.  I would like to be able to make multiple changes if necessary to this HU1 form.

Thanks so much

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  • is a super program I use called Realty Commander - .  Its a monthly fee, but I couldn't do SS without it.  They have  a free 14 day trial period. The program is more than just the ability to do Preliminary HUDs.  You can enter all your files and have the information all on one screen when you call the bank.  The program also has all the banks forms and will prefill the owners information automatically.  When you are starting a new file, you click on the lenders name and it brings up the phone and fax nos. for their SS dept. You can choose the docs you need to send to a lender, create a package and it will give you a cover sheet and every page will have the lenders name, loan number, date and page number.  You can email or fax from the program.  When you email out and you get a response back, it will go directly into the program's activity log section. I've worked with this program now since 2011. 

  • I know that Myrealtycommander has a HUD-1 creator.. I LOVE softpro and If landtech is around they were good too.

    Good Luck!

  • is an awesome HUD generator too :-)

  • I use the one at

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