How to get investor to agree to accept contract price HIGHER than appraised value?

Hi all,  Deustche Bank is the investor on a 1st that is serviced by IndyMac/OneWest and ServiceLink is handling the short sale for them.  We got a HAFA counter offer by IndyMac that was accepted and everything returned next day (a few weeks ago).  A week later instead of an approval later we get a new counteroffer (this time on IndyMac letterhead) requesting $22,000 more.  New BPO hadalready  been done 1/29.  

I thought this had to be some sort of typo or miscommunication.  ServiceLink confirmed change and said it was all IndyMac, loss too great, new BPO was about around that, etc. As IndyMac is the servicer, I would imagine the investor didn't accept.

Buyer's lender had already ordered the appraisal.  We get it in a few days later - value is $5,000 less than the buyer's counteroffer and ratified addendum.  $27,000 less that the IndyMac counter! Appraisal was only a week old and in current BPO value period.

I forwarded the appraisal on to ServiceLink on Monday as they offered to submit it for a value dispute.  I mailed and faxed everything to IndyMac. I faxed everything to DeustchBank and the email contacts listed here- asking for assistance as the investor.  It's win/'win for them- we want a HAFA payoff to a junior lien of maximum of $8500 but we just got them $5,000 more.  Extreme seller hardship.  he has no assets, they know it and have not asked for anything.  I'm calling IndyMac today to verify they have it.

Question is - Anything else I can be doing to help Deutsche Bank as investor see this is a great deal for them?  I can not imagine foreclosure would net them more, as they still have to pay agent commissions to resell it and buyer is requesting no concessions.

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