Does anyone have a good contact at Seterus to escalate an issue?

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      What kind of issues are you facing at Seterus? Have you spoken to any supervisors or managers? There are contacts in the executive office.

[email protected]


This is a transaction that started out to be a short sale. As it turns out, the offer we received was high enough that the owner has equity in the property. We need to get the payoff letter from the attorneys who filed the foreclosure action who gets the numbers from Seterus. Seterus has sent the homeowner 4 different payoff letters with different amounts. They sent the attorneys 2 payoff letters which were different from the homeowners. There is a difference of over $4000. I have not been able to find anyone who can give me a break down of the fees. I talked to Seterus today and they stated the attorney letter is the correct one but all the figures are clumped together. I have not found a single person who will talk to me or the homeowner in the payoff department. The attorney fees are separate from the bank fees. We were supposed to close 2 weeks ago but Seterus takes a week to get the payoff letters to the attorneys.


I do need upper management, if there is one, involved. I appreciate any information you might have. Thank you for your response.


     Have you requested the attorneys contact information to reach out to them yourself?

The attorneys don't seem to have anyone to talk with either. Everything is done through fax. I sent the attorneys all the information I have indicating that the numbers they have are incorrect. I will call the attorneys tomorrow and request them to talk with someone in upper management. Do you have any names or numbers?

I had a similar issue but the fees were straightforward and I closed wiring all the money to the attorneys as per the payoff letter. I did not deal with the bank at all since it was no longer a short sale.

Seterus is a servicer. Go to Fannie Mae. threaten DOJ and Dept of Treasury. the people answering the phones at Seterus sound like they have 4th grade education. truly unprofessional.

Do you have a phone number where I can actually talk a live person at Fannie Mae?

Thank you!



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