Lately I have been running into issues of the closers on the files not responding to me. We may need an extension, HUD approval or a simple question answered. It seems as though once the negotiator sends the file to the closing department, it takes an act of God to get them to respond.
I think I found a way to combat this. I have the title agent that is doing the closing send the request or question and they answer right away.
My title agent saved two closings for me this week that needed an extension and a new buyer approved, he sent a simple email and got a response, I tried for a week and got nothing, he got it done in a few minutes. Just a thought

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Jeff - I agree on delayed responses from the short sale closing departments! I have one with BOFA now that is missing a buyer name on the approval letter. Or - they tell me it's approved - and I don't get the letter for two weeks! It helps to alleviate some of the "burden" of follow up to put it on the title agent to help!! I don't reallly think the title agent gets extra attention, but I like them to help out at the end of the game, when it is mostly administrative!



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