Has anyone had Chase ask for agents name listed on HUD next to Brokerage names

I am working a short sale and was just told that short sale will not get final approval before closing until both agents names are added in line 701 & 702.  This currently shows the selling brokerage and listing brokerage only.  Two different brokerage companies are involved  I have closed other short sales with Chase before and have never been asked to do this.  Has anyone been asked to do this before and why is this needed?

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Many lenders will accept this, but it is possible they want to see the agents names on there as well. We see many escrow, title, and closing attorneys add the agents name after the brokerage in the line description. If the bank is willing to approve it then hopefully your closing attorney can just make the change. If not you need to escalate at Chase.

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We were instructed to add the agents' names after the brokerage names, last week.  We added the names, which is easy enough to do, and then the HUD was cleared to close.  Wasn't a big deal. 

Best of luck!



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