Hafa is history. Can homeowners receive "relocation funds" from anywhere else?

I am a preforeclosure investor. In the past one of my main incentives to convince owners to sell to me through short sale was that government funded programs were in place that would give the qualified homeowner upto $10,000 to close before auction date.

I have always used HAFA in the past. Now that HAFA has expired are there any other programs that offer "moving incentive"? Is there a general policy with banks that they may offer some funds to encourage a short sale? Please let me know. Thanks 

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As of right now, Fannie, Freddie and FHA backed loans are giving 3K. Nationstar is giving 3K. SPS will usually give 3% of the net as relocation to the homeowner
They will still qualaify for relocation assistance. Usually anywhere from 3-5k. For short sale or deed in lieu.

Ask Ask Ask for relocation assistance....always!!!

Remember, EVERYTHING on a short sale is negotiable, including YOUR COMMISSION!!!

Some banks still pay 8% - 10% commission on their short sales, email me and I'll tell you which ones - [email protected]

I sent u an email

Just sent you an email with the info.

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