I have a short sale and freddy mac is saying even though they have a current up todate Apprisal report they want $50k more. Now this is being told threw the servicing company. Does anyone have a good number to freddy mac?


Thanks Matt

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Ron -


All you said I have tried. They know I was going togo threw Freddy mac directly. They had no issue with me doing so. I need to get a direct contact name and number at Freddy mac. Do you have one?


Thanks Matt


Ron's right. Last time I went to Freddie they asked me why I didn't have the servicer initiate the dispute. Anyhow, all they wanted was 3 sales comps and an authorization (and a copy of the contract). I sent them a complete bpo. Servicer wasn't too happy bc it took them out of the loop. However I did call the servicer first and didn't like the response.

This isn't a CHASE property by any chance is it?


       We have a Chase file with Freddie right now which is being countered to a NET 10k higher than what they owe. It's an outrageous counter. We'll see what happens with this one, it's an interesting case.

[email protected]



Chase lately is ridiculous.  I have had EVERY one of my Chase files countered.  I had one last week counter $100,000 higher than offer price and $90,000 than list.  It's freaking ridiculous.  They have lost me MORE buyers than I care to say and the reason I ask is I have a Freddie Mac sale RIGHT NOW where I lost a buyer and it's chase serviced, and I'm just very curious if Matthew's file is Chase serviced. 

Now, I'm on my SECOND Chase file with over $100,000 counter.  This one is Fannie but what kills me is I'm on my THIRD buyer and if they took the first offer they would have gotten about $173,0000, but they jerked around for a mere $12,000, the second buyer came in at $150,000 and now my last buyer is at $100,000 because pipes burst and property is uninhabitable.  On this last buyer they countered at $200,000 - this sale has been going on for MONTHS and they just lost Fannie Mae at least $80,0000 if they had taken the first offer.  Then on this last offer they counter HIGHER than ANY of the previous valuations and it makes NO sense AFTER the pipes burst.

I can't stand Chase right now.

I thank everyone for all there help today. I have done all you have talked about. At this point I really just want a directly number or fax even a email address so I can blast Freddy Mac directly. They are 1000% wrong at this point. The filw is with one west bank for indy mac going threw Freddy Mac....... A current copy of and apprisal report comps and est of repair was all put in the file . I never give up on a deal. Does anyone have any contact info at all.


Thanks Matt

Matt, if you get no where with Freddie Mac I agree with Ron, you have to go BEYOND them.  I think the FHFA is in charge of Freddie and Fannie.  I might call there and issue a complaint that you've tried to go to freddie mac direct and got no where.  I've never done it, but if push came to shove and I knew I had a value that was so far off the range and the investor was of no help, I'd go beyond them.  People tend to respond when you call their bosses.

Also, I find that saying, "I need to speak with your manager or supervisor," definitely makes an impact with many people.

Smitty I couldn't agree more.  I escalated a file (valuation issues) to FHFA. Within a week I was assigned a personal contact at Freddie Mac who is overseeing the "reprocessing" of this file at Wells Fargo.  Basically we got another offer, only a couple thousand more than the one they denied, and it looks like it's getting approved since we have an agreed upon offer worksheet in Equator. They had originally required 60K more than the listing price.  FHFA definitely worked for me.

Ron gave you the number 1-800-Freddie

Thank you all for all your help!!!


After 3.5 hours between Servicie Link - Indy Mac and Freddy Mac.

I found out a whole lot !! Mostly there is no one more organized then me.

I was able to get someones email from uppermangment at One West Bank short Sale department. If you count them thats 4 companies involved in this short sale.......

I keep all posted on what the out come is.





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