I just got off of the phone with Freddie Mac, only to find that my assigned account manager has been moved to a new division due to "restructuring".  Apparently a man named Bill whose last name is confidential, is handling all FHLMC short sale files.

I also discovered that my auth was no longer valid because as a result of their being audited, they now have to have FREDDIE MAC'S name appear on all authorizations.So if you have an outstanding FHLMC issue, go ahead and fax a new auth to 571-382-4942 before you call for your next update.


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Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch

tell em when they're done to head over to Fannie and do the same thing  :)

Did an escalated issue arise with the Servicer and that's why you're now dealing with Freddie directly?

Yes I've been trying to work this file since November.  They did not follow Freddie guidelines and I esclated it... then was told the value was 75K more than my offer, which was complete crap, and then I was told that Freddie wanted a full payoff but that it was "pending short sale approval".

This is the funniest thing - I just got a call today and apparently they "transposed some numbers" and their minimum net required was wrong - so they fixed it and now they can approve it.... ALL THESE MONTHS it was a typo causing the problems!!! 

Teresa , Are you saying that Freddy Mac loans are being Audited? I am now shocked as I am working on short sale in NJ ...and Between the servicers and the lenders along with Freddy Mac they have made it 100% impossible to make my deal go threw. As at this point I am going over 1 year now to complete the short sale. These are just my thoughts but Freddy needs to pull their head out of their [email protected]#'S.


Matt Merenoff



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