I have been working on this short sale since June. Got a great offer submitted got a reply from negociator at BOA just a few small changes and now its been over 3 weeks and status - Offer Analysis: Approval Requested. I have made several calls and the only infomation I get is they are waiting on Frannie Mae who owns the loan. Should I try to contact Frannie Mae if so does anyone have contact information that would help me get this shortsale resolved.

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        If the short sale has been submitted to the investor there isn't much you can do at this point besides wait for a decision. It may be possible to have the lender reach out to the investor to see if the investor has came to a decision which may expedite the process. Also if you do enough research you may be able to reach out to the investor themselves in hopes of expediting their review. It is possible to reach directly out to Fannie Mae.

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