I was contacted by the heir about listing a property. We quickly discovered that the deceased had a Reverse Mortgage and that the estate would not get anything from the sale. I suggested that we could do a short sale. The heir wants to walk away. Does anyone know what consequences there would be for the heirs, if they let the property go to foreclosure instead of trying to sell or offer to do a deed in lieu? When I see such properties on the Sheriff's Sale list, the estate and any heirs are included on the list of parties on the judgement. 

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Brian, Thank you for your reply. 

Bottom Line - Always try to settle first.   

Just my .02 -


The purpose of a Reverse Mortgage is for the homeowner to take advantage of, and use, the equity in their home while they are alive.  Maybe they needed it to offset some ongoing expenses, maybe they gave it away to the heirs while they were alive, who knows.  When the homeowner dies with a Reverse Mortgage, they have left no "burden" for the surviving heirs.  The deceased made that decision to handle it this way. 

Has anyone contacted the Reverse Mortgage holder ?


Best of luck,

Thom Colby


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What if Scenario - A few years down the road some assets of the deceased are uncovered that now have to go towards a possible deficiency which may have not been there if a settlement was reached.  The heirs could be leaving money on the table even though they may not have any liability.

The lender has already agreed in advance to take the property (and only the property) as collateral for the reverse mortgage if the equity runs out while the borrower/homeowner is alive.  There is FHA insurance in the reverse mortgage by its very nature.   Therefore there can't be a "short sale" (as we understand it) with a reverse mortgage.


Go list the property...and contact the reverse mortgage holder and let them know the borrower has died.  Good luck!

Thank you Kevin, Thom, Patrick, and Brian for your insights. I'm not certain what this estate will do. They were anxious to sell the property, when they thought that they were getting the proceeds. Now they are not so enthusiastic. At least, thanks to SSS, I've learned something. 

FHA should take care of this sale. That's how it is set up to work on Reverse Mortgages. Contact the loan company now....

Don't waste you time.

Beverly Meade

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