Does anyone have an escalation contact for Onewest Bank?

My negotiator does not email back and the file was submitted for investor approval 30 days ago!

No one has updates as the negotitator did not update the notes!

This has been long draggged out process for this file.

please help!


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I have received an approval after 2 years and had to ask for an extension 13 day before it expired that was 6 weeks ago.  No updates even with escalations. If you dont get any where contact and make a complaint with the (OCC 800-613-6743)  Good luck.

Kevin McGowan

Default Escalations Specialist

IndyMac Mortgage Services,

a division of OneWest Bank, FSB

2900 Esperanza Crossing

Austin, TX 78758

Office: 1.866.363.3091 ext.6059

Fax: 1. 866.437.4934

[email protected]



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