I have a file with Chase they are the 2nd. Litton is the first. They gave an approval in 10 days with chase getting $6,000 dollars/10%. The file was submitted the beginning of December. Chase held the file until December 19th and kept saying it would be going to Charge off. 12/20 I called they claim it had been sent to Starkosky and Associates, Starkosky and Associates says they don't have it to date and that I should check with their sister company LCS. They don't have it to date. I keep call all 3 and just keep being told to call the other one. I have gotten supervisors voice mail but no persons. Of course now the first approval has expired, however, they have given me until the end of this month to get it closed. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to track down this file and get it done. Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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Send a entire short sale package to each of them. One of them should finally alert on the file.
Yvonne, keep following up. Persistent does pay off although it can be frustrating at times. I'd love to meet these negotiators and slap them around the face a couple of times. j/k :-) Keep at it and you should make some progress.



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