I have client with an FHA loan which I am doing a short sale through B of A.

We have accepted contract with buyer and seller.  I sent into B of A and they confirmed receipt on Jan 29th.  It's Feb 21st now and I am trying to reach the SS Negotiator to see of they have reviewed the contract & if they need anything additional from me.

I have called many times with no response.  I have also emailed.  I have tried their supervisor as well as many times.

Never a single response.  I am not sure what to expect.  This is my first short sale / I am working with an experienced agent but he says to keep trying different numbers.

The help line at B of A for short sales says I need to speak with the negotiator.  They are also sending the negotiator messages to contact me.

Does anybody have a reputable contact at B of A?  Somebody that has time to answer the phone / messages?

I would think they would push this right through I got offer at WELL over market value w/ cash.


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  • Does anybody have the HUD complaint number? I will definitely be turning this in. Twitter worked like a champ a few hours later I had a call from the negotiator.

    The negotiator was on a COMPLETELY different page. They said basically the exact opposite of what the b of a short sale hotline was telling me.  They told me they had NO RECORD of a short sale, a contract, or anything except for trying to send an approval to participate out to my client nearly a year ago.  And I knew the file was inaccurate because they told me they tried to also contact me nearly a year ago.  This was WAY before I even started working on this short sale.

    It's a huge mess.  The negotiator then said she would immediately email me some more information.  I never even received an email.

    I'm turning this into HUD.  It's a joke.

  • I agree with Kevin. Reach out to them via Twittter. It works

    • awesomeness.  I love that idea :)  I have tweeted to them now.  Thanks!

  • Matthew,

            I'd reach out to the executive office and open up a complaint at HUD. B of A Pre Foreclosure Sales (FHA) can be a nightmare.




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