I am going to try to make a long story short....

Buyer #1 - move through process in Equator, everything is fine, buyer walks. Negotiator accidentally does a hard decline on the file.

Buyer #2 - already had this back up offer when the first buyer walked. Now we have to start all over because the bank did NOT do a soft decline. File was moving along fine. The someone from B of A in a DIFFERENT department got in to the file and did a decline. The negotiator was able to get her team lead involved and get it resolved because the person that got in the file should not have even gotten in the file in the first place. Buyer of course walks because the process took too long. Negotiator does a soft decline on file.

Buyer #3- Submitted 2 days after soft decline. Negotiator tells me that everything looks good, issues a counter moving one cost to another line, we accept and says she is moving it to the investor for approval on 7/19. A week goes by I had not heard from her so I messaged through equator and left voice mails. I copied everyone on my messages, left messages for her and her team lead, I find out that she is on vacation, I tweeted, I called customer care and emailed escalation. Still nothing. Then this morning I get a message in Equator that the file has been DECLINED by the investor due to the fact that the seller will not sign a deficiency agreement or contribute to closing .... WE ARE IN CALIFORNIA!!!!! Neither of these apply nor are they legal In our state. I called customer care, he spoke with his supervisor and they said I have to reinitiate the file and that is was an investor mistake.

Any advice? Help? Words of wisdom? I have NEVER EVER had a file this difficult!! I am about to throw in the towel!


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Escalate and find out why it is being declined .. they may have all declined for the same reason ( the investor) .. 



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