BOA is declining short sale file due to the fact that they could NOT find the address on active status on ZILLOW ?????? I have send the MLS and history showing a continious marketing on the MLS directly from our MLS system.  BOA "complaince department" says that those MLS are NOT acceptable they have to go to what the public site is showing. Is BOA for real?  Please help! I am loosing my cool here...

Thanks for all your help in advance,

Wanda Martinez


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WOW!!!! Contact the twitter team at @BofA_Help

I did and they reply within 20 minutes however, the vp escalation rep. doesn't know why the MLS papers are not accepted and they are going thru the Zillow and third party websites.

Thanks Bryant if you have any other contacts or ideas please let me know I dont want this to escalete any further seller and buyer are threating on making a big media explosion if this is not solve soon.

I would also look on Trulia,, etc as these sights should be "public" enough for B of A.  Good Luck!

That's what this topic needs.... a SERIOUS MEDIA EXPLOSION.  Some of these decisions by the banks are absolutely ridiculous!

Definately contact twitter team-also does your MLS auotmatically upload to a pulic or anything?  Ours can track it down yourself by googling your address and then email them the links through Equator...I would CC everyone in it.  Not that it gets you all that much attention but it certainly will show your due dilligence. Let us know how it turns out!

I have done that and nobody can tell me why the file has been closed.????Thanks for your input thou :)


This entire excuse that BofA is using may be a classic red herring where they are concealing their true reasoning by creating a ficticios reason for the decline. Your BofA contact doesn't want to come clean so they make something up that causes you to pursue to a dead end. The fact that you cannot get a straight answer or any legitimate answer  for that matter supports the possibility.

I can't imagine a bank lender not telling the truth, (LOL) but I have seen it before.

Ken is probably right.  Something else is going on here.

You're not throwing a big enough tantrum.  You need to be on the phone, fax, and email with EVERYONE you can contact at Bank Of America, hourly if necessary.

Did you allow MLS to post to the third party sites,  I believe in our MLS if you click NO to valuation model, it prevents the property from going to third parties like zillow.

It was at first but not when we relisted.  Jeff,  we need to talk this is all wrong and BOA is not caring at all.



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