We want to escalated this from Nationstar.... We have an executed contract for 4 months .....  

NOW, Nationstar wants to start an AUCTION.... the seller is a veteran with a hardship and the buyer is a veteran with no home bc they have been waiting for this home....

Why is this a Nationstar process?

Thanks a million,


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It isn't fun, but that's how many investors allow nationstar to operating on their notes.

Executed offer will have a leg up on the other bidders due to not haivng to pay the 5% premimum.

Best of luck and I'm here if needed.



[email protected]

Thanks Brett... Really appreciate it....



You CAN sometimes circumvent the Auction process, but not always, depends who the Investor is on the short sale.

I am glad to help as well if you shoot me an email - [email protected]

Thanks Ben; Will send you an email here shortly...




Ben, do you know what Fannie's position is on Nationstar's auction BS?

I should but I don't off the top of my head.

We have been able to circumvent the Auction BS on several occasions by being "professionally aggressive" with the Nationstar.

If you shoot me an email, [email protected], I can give you the contacts I have at both Nationstar and Fannie Mae.  They are decision makers and can/will give you no BS answers.

Hey Ben, 

I noticed you had some folks at, what used to be called Nationstar to Mr Cooper. could you please provide that data to [email protected]. This is due to the auction BS (lol) they are trying to pull on a seller that already has a buyer.

Wow Wanda.  That almost seems illegal with the doors open to a law suit.  If you have an executed contract between a buyer and seller, and then a third party comes in and sells the house to someone else....  seems like interfering in an existing contract and a potential lawsuit....



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