There is a growing number of short sale possibilities.  This is not a revelation to anyone actively involved in the real estate industry.  I have had a series of buyer side short sale transactions that have gone through fairly smooth.  


However I would like to grow the short sale listing side of my business, My question is how do I approach a prospective short sale client? 

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This might sound silly but knock on their door, send them a letter or call them?  

Send a post card, there is no letter to open and you won't get shot at....
Wow, impressive.  Do you door knock on certain days/times?

Harry, good stuff. Great job!!


Congrats Harry! Door knocking as Harry proven works but it is alot of work. Do you go back to the same house more than once? 


I have done door knocking as well and the worst part is getting greeted by a pitbull or german shephard. Woof! :)

Uggg!  Harry, I LOVE you and your persistance.  I so wish I could do it.  I've tried, but is not my thing. I am getting my leads from referrals and internet but certainly not landing 41 of them.  I also don't think I could handle that many..I love having my "outside" life.  Congratulation and I am in awe...
Great job Harry! thank you for sharing.

How do I start the discussion?  Showing up and saying "Hey, I say your name in the paper"  does not sound professional, or appealing. I'm looking for an ice breaker.


but knock on their door, send them a letter or call them?  



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