• Download this and fill it out and follow the instructions to a "T"

    I've gotten every IRS lien removed this way, but be prepared if there is an incentive to the seller involved, the IRS will take it.  So twice my seller had HAFA money and the IRS ended up seeing it and taking it. 

    They were fairly quick too.  I'd say 3 weeks, but I think it can take a lot longer.  Good luck.

    • Thanks Smitty.  We completed that form and submitted all the docs to the IRS.  We were trying to get it done sooner than later because they told us they didn't even start reviewing the applications for 45 days... we wanted to close by March 15.    The seller tried to hand deliver the docs, but the IRS staff was extremely rude to him and turned him away after 4 hours because he was told that the forms had to be mailed in.  Someone else told him to fax them, which he did.  You can't speak to anyone on the phone at the IRS.  You have to leave a message and they call you back in 24 hours.  That's why we were trying to find someone on the inside track.  I truly appreciate your sending the Instructions to me. Thanks.

  • Thank you, Teresa.  That's exactly what I am going to do - check with all the tax accountants.  They MUST know someone, huh?

  • If you or someone you know has a good accountant that amends paperwork may will have a good repore with someone at the IRS to help you out.

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