I am in SoCal and was wondering if anyone had any luck with hiring 3rd party negotatiors to work your short sale. I have only had a few myself that my assistant and I handled, but one our agents is going to have access to an great amount of leads and if they prove fruit ful I thought it would be best to use a 3rd party more experienced team.



Any suggestions? 

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Hi Kenneth-

I'm in Northern California but do short sale negotiations for all of California. Please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions? I'm a real estate broker and understand all sides of the short sale process.

Jodi Buda

(530) 680-6421

Hi Kenneth - my name is Susie McLaughlin.  I do things a bit different - I help Realtors with short sales by doing short sale management. 


I charge a low flat fee & manage/oversee the short sale throughout the entire process.  I am licensed so I deal with the negotiators, sellers, other agents, etc.  I work throughout So Cal.


I have plenty of references.  Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more about my services.


Thanks,  Susie



Hello Kenneth,

I also negotiation short sales in the State of Calif.  I am a licensed realtor - I DO NOT LIST only negotiate.  I stress this so that you know I dedicate 100%  of my time to negotiations.  Feel free to visit my website: http://simpleshortsale.com and look at all of the reviews from agents.  Also I would be more that happy to give you a list of agents that I worked with or currently work with - so you may call them to make sure I am as good as I say. 

Also, on another note, make sure that whomever handles your short sales, please make sure they are a licensed agent (check DRE website).  I do know of a company here in San Diego that claimed they were licensed and in fact they were not. AND most importantly, ask if a short sale company/negotiator subs out any of their work to other agents.  You don't want any of your seller's info to be giving to just anyone.

Please feel free to call me if you would love to chat - 858-356-5600. 



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