Mortgage amount 228,000
Offer amount 130,000
Net amount to lender: 119,100
Commission paid 6%
Total release, no note, no deficiency
American Home Mortgage
*******Seller was an investor and was current on all payments and HOA fees******

Mortgage amount 214,900
Offer amount 145,000
Net amount to lender: $126,833
Commission paid 6%
Buyer recieved 3% for closing costs
Seller signed a promissory note $100 per month/240 months
Full release with promissory note
Litton Loan Servicing

Mortgage amount 1st $796,000 2nd $199,000
Offer amount $280,000
Net to 1st $262,781.61 Net to second $6246.24
Commission Paid 5%
Seller to contribute $15,000 cash at closing
Saxon Mortgage

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You're da bomb!! Go Jeff!
I learned it right here!!!! is DaBomb
wow that's great, Jeff. I'm looking forward to close one myself soon.
Alan, stick with this site and it will lead you to successful short sales.....
what was the listing price on the property in your third example. wow they took $280,000.
Where you the listing agent or buyers agent. How many days did it take to close?
Number 3 started out at 1,200,000 and we worked it down to 300,000. Had a buyer from another agent and he got to closing and would not sign, had a back up at the same price and closed it at $280,000



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