Hello All-

I'm doing a short sale with HSBC as 1st lien and Chase as 2nd lien. HSBC has approved the short sale but Chase has denied the short sale. The reason they gave the seller is that they do not want to 'business' with the broker (me) and the buyer. I have no relationship with the buyer whatsoever. 

Has this happen to anyone? If so, were you able to get around it? 

Thank you!

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  • Did you ask Chase why they are saying they don't want to do business with you?  Do you have any disciplinary actions with the Department of Real estate in your state?

    I would ask to speak to a manager and find out more information

    • Catherine- when I first received the message on equator. Chase's reply was that the short sale was denied due to offer being too low and to have the seller call in. Once the seller called in, they gave a different story saying that they will not do business with the broker and buyer. They did not give a reason as to why though. 

      I do not have any disciplinary actions with NY DOS...

      I spoke to a supervisor in the escalations department and they won't give me any information other than that the short sale was denied. 

      Not sure what to do now...I worked on this file for almost a year now. It was an equity sale at first but 2 days before the closing the house caught on fire then it became a short sale. 

      • steve can you please email me outside at catherinegheen@gmail or call my cell at 831-206-5627

  • Do you two have the same last name or anything at all? If buyer is switched will they move forward with a new review?




    • Brett- the property is fire damaged. The buyer is purchasing the property under his company (corporation). I do not have the same last name as him. They explained to the seller that they will move forward ONLY if there is a new buyer and broker. 

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