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Give Us Hope, Mr. Lawsky!

Where would you like to be when you are old? I don't know how to read minds but I am sure you don't want to be homeless. I am sure you don't want to helplessly see your home foreclosed by a bunch of crooks driven by greed.

Many old people, cancer patients, newly married couples, single moms, among others have been evicted by the loan servicer Ocwen. Many have seen their short sale requests turned down only to watch their homes sold for lower prices to builders and investors. As per…


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The Woman Who Will Battle Ocwen

According to Forbes, Kathy Patrick is the woman wall street fears most. “The toughest lawyer you will see,” works out of an unassuming 33-lawyer Houston firm. She teaches Bible study on Sundays and sings in her church band, while raising two teenage boys with her husband.  Her $8.5 billion Bank of America settlement over bad mortgage deals was just the beginning. "Who else has ever gotten $8.5 billion out of anyone? Go find a settlement where anybody in history got $8.5 billion in a private…


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You May Take Your Ocwen Complaint To The DFS

Superintendent Benjamin Lawsky's office at the Department of Financial Services have raised certain concerns about Ocwen's ability to service mortgages and have halted indefinitely a $2.7 billion deal by Ocwen Financial Corp. to purchase mortgage-servicing rights from Wells Fargo.

Ocwen typically acquire loan servicing rights from lenders like Wells Fargo, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Chase, HSBC etc. and by acquiring companies like Homeward, Litton etc. who possess such loan…


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Working Pro Bono to spread joy!

We are very fortunate that we have the ability to perform acts through our body, speech and mind effectively. We will not have this opportunity forever. We must use this to benefit others. Practicing generosity is a perfection. Giving your time and effort to help others without charging fees ranks very high in the order of meritorious deeds.

I work in an industry where I see people facing financial hardships lose their homes, financial and social standing and self esteem, thanks to…


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A Borrower's Breakup Letter to Lender

Dear Lender,

I will never forget how it felt when we first met. I had dreams and you had the means. It was as if we were made for each other. You promised to fulfill all my dreams. You promised we would have a beautiful home, a fancy car and money to send kids to college. That we would shop and vacation at exotic locations. You said you wanted me to live my dreams. I fell for your charms. I signed the promissory note.

Then, you changed. I thought you…


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The Most Viable Foreclosure Alternatives

We don't want anyone to lose their home. We don't want anyone to be forcibly displaced. There is no place for foreclosures and evictions in an intelligent society. They are symbols of moral, economic and social corruption. Unfortunately, they are of our own making. Our own craving for materialistic pleasures leads to consumerism and a system of…


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Realtors entering the path of Enlightened activities

Helping a home owner prevent foreclosure is a noble cause. Those realtors who wish to commit themselves to this cause are entering the path of Enlightened activities. However,  not everyone will be a success. It is more profitable to flip homes than work on a short sale for months only to see your efforts fail.

There are many challenges like negotiating liens,…


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Don't worry. I will be there.

The most valuable gift you can give others is your presence. This is the perfection of giving. When we are present we are practicing the perfection of giving. When we are present and mindful we can touch life. We can truly be of service to others.

Working for a real estate service provider I come across many people experiencing…


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