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Bank of America Again

Short Sales with Bank of America have not gotten easier, if anything they seem to take longer then all others, except Ocwen.

I am a buyers agent on a short sale with Bank of America. When our offer was accepted ( we were the back up) on March 3rd, 2014..That it was an approved short sale. Since that date my buyers have completed all the requested documentation. Bank of America has done three appraisals in the past four months. This property is set for TS on August 1st 2014. The…


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Seller Forced into foreclosure with high Fannie Mae pay off

I have a property in Oakdale that only 170,000 was owed. The servicer  added attorney fees and processing fees that took it way up.. it was a short sale with squatters in it. It took me 4 months to get them out, of which I paid. the bank said they would take 159,000.. but when we got an offer for 159,000.. they countered with 184,000.. then when we got an offer for 184,000.. they countered at 201,000.. This house is not  livable, flooring all gone, stove damaged, dishwasher damaged, master…


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Lender Collecting after Foreclosure

I have a client that has contacting me about his home.

He was foreclosed on in 2009. He tells me he has been making payments to Chase Bank since the foreclosure, he can no longer afford them and wants to know what to do? I really do not know where to tell him to go next. At the time, the bank informed him that foreclosure was his best option, gave him $2,000 to get out quickly, and worried about his family he did as they asked..Now he is hearing about friends not paying anything after…


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Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae not working with Sellers

Has anyone experienced a short sale being ignored? Wells Fargo states there is nothing they can do to stop foreclosure unless we upload to equator, Equator states we must first go through Fannie Mae.  Fannie Mae states we must first go through equator.  This has gone on for over two weeks, seller has tried to call.. Fannie Mae and Wells Fargo tell the sellers the agent needs to upload the Short Sale to Equator.. Its the run around !!  Time is running out..!! Cash buyer over asking and we…


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Drive by Fee's

This is not a HAFA short sale, but they have been told they will receive relocation money.

I have a short sale in progress and my seller is being sent drive by fee's from the lender.

every two weeks or so the lender (Seterus)  has someone drive by the home. Then a bill is sent to my seller.

Has anyone encountered this before?  What if anything should my seller do?




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Interview the Listing Agent

I recently took a CDPE class, and one of the topic's that stuck in my head was interview the listing agent.

I had the misfortune of taking over a short sale for the buyers agent, only to find out two days after my CDPE  class that the listing agent has little to no experience with Short Sales.  Two days after she hands me an Arms Lenght agreement the property is sold at Auction. Buyers are very disappointed.  She has no clue as to what the procedure in equator was or how to postpone…


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