Hi Short Sale Superstars.  I need a management contact for WF.  I had an FHA short sale that I was working on.  The short sale approval for issued for Buyer #1.  Buyer #1 subsequently cancels the contract.  I had a backup contract which i promptly faxed into WF.  Received a call from the processor saying they needed a HUD variance to extend the appraisal since it had just expired.  

On Thursday, I received an email from the processor saying the variance was approved.  He also needed the PFS Addendum with wet sigs. We had sent it in with electronic sigs.  It was faxed an emailed directly to the processor on Monday asking him if needed anything else, to please contact me. So a 2 business day turnaround.  10 days later WF forecloses.

Does anyone have any management contacts that I can talk to.  I need someone higher up in the food chain.

Thank you, Allan 

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Allan, I recently got my stalled short sale back on track by direct messaging  via twitter:  @Ask_WellsFargo.

Explain what you need. Send them your contact info so they can get back to you quickly. Don't include the account number.

Yes -- use the Twitter. You also should have a case number opened with FHA -- i open mine when I start a short sale -- If you do not have one open it usually takes a few days. (days you do not have at this point) -- FHA can order a reversal of the foreclosure and in my experience they are the ONLY ones who can. Have had this happen twice and FHA put a claim block on the file and ordered the lender to reverse. It took two month for the court papers to be filed and have a judge sign off on it. Good luck.

Hi Dean and Elva. Thank you for the great advice.  Calling the Novad right now. 



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