The department of recovery I had gotten an approval letter from, then an extension, denied it this time and said a new department had been formed to deal with short sales that had a bankruptcy attached.

They also said that department had no 800 number, would not respond to customer service requests, fax or email and could only be communicated with through US mail.

Their long winded and somewhat rude reasoning (likely due to all the frustrated realtors calling) on this was not comprehensible to me as all my short sale clients had bankruptcy’s involved.

Cit-Bank Recovery also advised to send a copy of the original approval letter that I'm requesting an extension to with the HUD. This was all sent 06/02/14 by certified letter. I have yet to hear from them.

Has anyone else encountered this new road block from Citi-Bank? If so, how do you deal with it? We were suppose to close Friday the 20th, but I can’t find out anything from Citi-Bank.

They are the second in this short sale and as mentioned, had already approved the settlement. All I needed was an extension which normally was not a problem until it got denied due to the bankruptcy involved and forwarded to this new department, that is shut off from all normal communication.

Somebody please advise.
Thank you,

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Vincent -- unfortunately I can't shed any light on your particular situation, but I just thought I would respond to let you know that you have start a discussion on a Citi SS in the Wells Fargo SS discussion group. Perhaps your situation will get more responses in the Citi SS discussion group...just a thought.

Thanks for the advise. I'll move it over.



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