I have a short sale in process with a courthouse sale date of Oct 25th! It was denied once and resubmitted with the investor only taking an aprox $100,000 loss on a $1.3m loan. Can not get ANYONE to respond to calls or emails.

Does anyone have an escalation contact?

Thanks much

text me at: five six one, six oh two, one two five eight....

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WF Executive Escalations


Do you know who the Investor is on the loan?

You need to reach out to THEM directly to get the sale stopped.

You should also make this a standard practice for all of your short sales (finding out who the Investor is on the loan, not only so you can stop foreclosure sales, but, also so you can get your maximum commission).

Wells Fargo actually pays up to 10% commission on their portfolio loan short sales

Email me if you want to talk or I can help - [email protected]



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