I have a Chase SS approval on a Texas USDA loan.  

Chase denied cash incentive and stated USDA doesn't have cash incentive to Short Sale a property.  However, I attended a Chase Priority Realtor Short Sale Training class a couple weeks ago and the presenter stated USDA does have cash incentives. (I'm trying to get in touch with the presenter)

Does anyone know if USDA/Ginnie Mae offers cash incentives to homeowners to do a short sale?

Has anyone worked a file where a homeowner received such an incentive?

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Lisa:  It looks like no one answered this question and I am wondering if you ever got this question answered.  I have the same situation where my client has a USDA Rural Loan and I had read that she was NOT eligible for HAFA however, today she gets a HAFA packet in the mail.  I have left a message for the negotiator but no answer yet and I am impatient!!

Does anyone have an answer to this?

According to my contact at USDA no Incentive's are offered.

Also, USDA Loan's are not eligible for HAFA.



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