US Bank as the investor/stopping a foreclosure with the investor?

I have a shortsale that has a foreclosure date of 2/3/15. The mortgage servicer is Northstar. The manager, with Northstar, has already noted in the file that this property should proceed to foreclosure. I have already submitted the complete SS package along with an executed contract and HUD to Northstar and been denied. Northstar and the attorney for the foreclosure, informed my that US Bank is the investor. Someone mentioned on the Northstar discussion page that getting a hold of the investor is the best way to stop a foreclosure that is this close. Can anyone provide information on how to contact the correct dept. for US Bank, when communicating with them as an investor and not a mortgage servicer? I have called several numbers at this point and everyone I have spoken with, at US Bank, has said that they cannot find the file through the loan # or social security#. Any and all input is welcome.

Thank you

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Have you tried MERs to find the MIN #?  Not sure if that helps.  Here's the link.  Once you find the property, you may want to go to borrower/investor info.  It helped me out a few times.  Not fool proof though.....PS, US Bank is definitely not a great servicer/investor to work with....They are pretty inflexible.  Very surprised they are still allowed to get away with such low level of service.

Thank you, I will try that.



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