Good afternoon all, Im working on a short sale with US BANK since January. The person that is working on my file from the lender is saying that the file is still on review they are not clear with the process. Im desperate because this property has a sale date on May so I kinldy request from your support if you can advise to whom I need to direct an escalation. Thank yo so much!

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I don't have any escalation contacts for this bank but I would suggest to ask for the Neg's Mrg when you call, afterwards, get his/her name & phone number as well then you ask for that person's  manager 'til you get to the AVP, VP and SVP. You may be on the phone for awhile but believe me, it will pay off for next file when you need immediate attention as on this present one.

Once you have their phone and  e-mails will be very useful because they get things done very quickly.

Hope the best.

Thank you Nolberto for your prompt response. I will follow up your advise.

Escalations complaint dept 855-211-4872 and

Good Luck!

Thank you Justin, I really appreciate your information. I need to escalate this file

I have a nice day!

I found this department to be worthless.  They sat on the issue for a month and the response was doubletalk.

If you're communicating through the Mortgage Assistance Point, they have no authority and are reading the notes on the file.  Find out who the underwriter is and start to harrass them.

For escalation from there, use someone that works at US Bank.  They have access to the entire company directory, including who an employee reports to.  If you don't personally know anyone at US Bank, try going into a branch and talking to someone there.

US Bank as a whole is horrible.  I used the tactic above with a friend who said "our mortgage dept sucks."  He's right.  I've been fighting with them for almost two years on one file.  It's the last transaction I'll ever do where they are involved in any fashion.

Tatiana, I'm having the same problem with USBank.  The 'Single point of contact' doesn't have info nor can they escalate.  The offer was written April 5th and HUD approved a variance on May 20th and all USBank can do is tell me 'its in review'.  I can't figure out what they are reviewing considering HUD has approved it.  I've emailed HUD about it with no response.  Did you get a good contact person to push your file forward?  Any names or emails would be helpful.  Thanks so much

Has anyone found someone to effective escalate to at USBank?  We have the Underwriter's email but no one at USBank will give out a phone number for the UW/Negotiator or their manager.  Any ideas?    HUD approved the variance on this file over a month ago and USbank's negotiator has dropped off the face of the earth with no email responses for 3 weeks. 

I am trying to close a file tomorrow, Friday, and the resolution specialist has not responded to my final HUD submission that was sent on Tuesday - I have resent it everyday and had customer service email her - they say that is all they can do;(  Terrible communication, customer service told me they have no phone numbers for the FHA processing center in Owensboro;(

I am having the EXACT same issue with U.S. Bank!  I have had a cash offer that meets net for almost 10 months!  4 weeks ago we sent over the HUD-1 that was supposed to be final item to get no one will respond at all.  I have called, faxed, emailed everyone I can think of, no response! 

Tony, you are here in Indy to, have you been able to get your issue resolved and if so, care to share with us what we need to do?





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