I am waiting on approval of the FINAL HUD. Closing within an hour. I sent it in 72 hours before closing. US Bank did not acknowledge it until Friday (48 hours later). I sent a request for a RUSH on this file this morning. I sent it to [email protected], [email protected]usbank.com and [email protected]. Does anyone have any other numbers or email addresses to recommend???

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Got it done and closed. This was the only hiccup with my whole US Bank experience. Turns out the processor was on vacation last week.

Ughh I hope you got to close I am having the same problem;(  I sent the final HUD in Tuesday and still cannot get anyone to respond to me - have had customer service email her too for the last 2 days - this is FHA and I am feeling desperate;(

Hi Jennifer,

I read your email on having a successful US Bank closing. Congratulations!!!!  Would mind sharing a copy of your approval letter and HUD.  Of course marking out all of the personal information.  I just listed a short sale last week.  US Bank is the only lender.  We got an offer in 1 day.  We have a final executed contract today.  My sellers still have questions.   This is fine of course but most of them are what do I think about them saying yes.  Do they work with people?  etc.  Thanks in advance no matter the answer

hope you got this closed, I cc ryan petrey on everything with no help



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